12 Apr 2021

Dawes Fall Tour 2021

To our beloved audience, it is with excitement and delightment, that we are prepared to announce our first tour dates in for F#[email protected] ever! It’s time to hang up our Zooms and get back in some non chat style rooms. We’ll be joined by Erin Rae! Presale starts Wed 4/14 at 12pm ET RIGHT HERE (Code: GOODLUCK)


4 Mar 2021

We Have A Podcast!

When we talk to each other about our band, or just music as a whole, I feel like there is an added depth and level of comfort than there is when we’re talking to someone outside the band (nothing against interviews…I just think that’s the nature of conversations between people who know each other intimately). And yet, I don’t think we’ve ever brought anyone else into those conversations. So I sat down with each member of the band individually over the last several months and had a conversation. This first one is with Griff. We recorded it months before GLWW came out. The album barely comes up but we ended up finding several enjoyable threads to follow. Hope you dig it too…
(Like this podcast image, designed by Michael Carney? It’s available on a t-shirt RIGHT HERE)


26 Feb 2021

Catch ‘Free As We Wanna Be’ Acoustic + Live

Today we’re releasing Free As We Wanna Be as a single along with an acoustic version and a live version LISTEN HERE

Single version: Since this baby already clocks in at 3 minutes, you’ll be hard pressed to find any differences between it and the album cut. But I implore you to give it a re-listen anyway in this new context as a “single” rather than a Track-8-On-A-9-Song-Album. Who knows, maybe you’ll love it more. Maybe you’ll hate it more. Either way, the tiny space it takes up in your brain currently is begging to be re-shaped by this new digital packaging. LISTEN HERE

Acoustic version: When the Powers-That-Be hit me up again to record some sort of acoustic version of this song to include in this extended-single/mini-EP, I thought, “With MY pro-tools home rig? With these plug-ins? With THESE mics? No thanks!” But then I remembered I bought a 1979 Tascam Portastudio 4-Track Casette Recorder about a year ago but was too fearful to figure out how it worked. Until now. I dug into the instruction manual, I plugged my mic into my reverb tank, the reverb tank into the Tascam and did my best. You’re gonna hear a good amount of hiss, some weird ghost flares (maybe something to do with power in my house?), and way in the background you can sorta hear when I’m cutting in and out of overdubs. Suffice it to say: it’s scrappy. But I love it. It feels like a living recording. It’s the first thing I’ve ever made on this 4-Track and I’m damn proud of it. LISTEN HERE

Live Version: This was recorded the same day we made our North Hills live stream (for you Dawesians out there that were able to catch that set and know what I’m talking about). It’s live from the amphitheater at Griff’s and my old high school. Last time we were there was Griffin’s graduation when we were a few months away from recording North Hills back in 2008. Looking forward to getting this tune on the road so the live version can get hairier and hairier, but it feels good to have a documentation of what it sounded like the 4th time we ever played it live. LISTEN HERE


15 Oct 2020

Watch! Dawes on Stephen Colbert

Happy we got to play this one for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert! #playathome


2 Oct 2020

Our New Album IS HERE!


Right Here:


26 Sep 2020

Drive-In Shows: Oct 16 & Oct 17

So we finally are gonna play a couple live shows. It’s a real big deal for us. First time in front of an audience since this whole thing began. They are drive in shows though, so everyone will be safe in their cars. Hope you can join us! October 16th at Drive In at Cal State San Marcos & Oct 17 at 88FIVE LIVE at Drive In OC.

Details at


18 Sep 2020

‘Didn’t Fix Me’ + Animated Video

Pre-order the ‘Good Luck With Whatever’ LP directly from us along with exclusive merch!
New album out 10.2.20 on Rounder Records


28 Aug 2020

Listen! Still Feel Like A Kid

Pre-order the ‘Good Luck With Whatever’ LP directly from us along with exclusive merch!
New album out 10.2.20 on Rounder Records


14 Aug 2020

Watch! Dawes on Jimmy Kimmel Live

We had a blast playing Jimmy Kimmel Live with guest host Rob Lowe! Watch both tracks below.


12 Aug 2020

Together Again August 28th

Dear World, we’ve missed you so.
Join us August 28th for a long awaited show.
Live from a rooftop
Straight to your laptop
Sit on the couch and throw down a coaster
Preorder tix now, a shirt, or a poster!


7 Aug 2020

Lyric Video: St. Augustine at Night

Pre-order the ‘Good Luck With Whatever’ LP directly from us along with exclusive merch!
New album out 10.2.20 on Rounder Records


22 Jul 2020

New Single! Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?

Pre-order the ‘Good Luck With Whatever’ LP directly from us along with exclusive merch!
New album out 10.2.20 on Rounder Records


23 Mar 2020

I Will Run to Raise Funds

Listen at

This one comes from the ‘Passwords’ sessions produced by Jonathan Wilson in late 2017. Didn’t seem to fit that batch of songs at the time, but happy to give it a life of its own now. A silly song about the irony of how much we depend on our pets love, considering that a lot of them would bolt if just given the chance. Hope it makes you smile during this weird time.

All proceeds from this release will benefit the North Shore Animal League America and the MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund.


24 Feb 2020

Dawes to Back Mandy Moore on Tour

UPDATE: These dates will be rescheduled due to Coronavirus, tba soon. Stay safe, everyone!

Looks like we’ll all have jobs through the summer til Dawes world kicks back into gear…thank God…

“I’ll be heading out on the road in less than a month! I’m sad to be leaving my 🐈🐈 but luckily I’ll be bringing some talented friends and family along with me… The Dawes gang – Taylor & Griffin Goldsmith, Lee Pardini & Wylie Gelber plus my dear friend Mike Viola ❤️ See you out there!” -Mandy Moore

📸 Jen Rosenstein