Dawes have updated their Dawes In The Band playlist on Spotify, which is compiled of songs that members of the band played on away from Dawes. You can listen to the playlist below or HERE, and you can read the band’s original message about the playlist HERENewly-added songs are bolded below! 


  1. Cass McCombs – Bum Bum Bum (Lee on keyboards)
  2. David Rawlings – Cumberland Gap (Griffin on drums, Taylor on organ)
  3. Father John Misty – I’m Writing A Novel (Wylie on bass)
  4. Blake Mills – Three Weeks In Havana (Griffin on percussion)
  5. The New Basement Tapes – Stranger (Taylor on guitar)
  6. Roger Waters – Deja Vu (Lee on keyboards)
  7. John Moreland – It Don’t Suit Me (Like Before) (Griffin and Taylor on background vocals)
  8. Johnathan Rice – Acapulco Gold (Wylie on bass)
  9. Brandon Flowers – Never Get You Right (Taylor co-writing)
  10. Van William – Revolution (ft. First Aid Kit) (Griffin on drums)
  11. Karen Elson – Why Am I Waiting (Lee on keyboards)
  12. Jonny Fritz – Are You Thirsty (Taylor on keyboards, Griffin on drums)
  13. Jenny Lewis – She’s Not Me (Griffin on drums)
  14. Conor Oberst – Anytime Soon (Taylor co-writing)
  15. Father John Misty – Well, You Can Do It Without Me (Wylie on bass)
  16. Jason Boesel – Getting Healthy (Good Luck) (Taylor on organ)
  17. Theo Katzman – Hark Work (Lee on keyboards)
  18. Jackson Browne – Yeah Yeah (Taylor on bass, Griffin on drums)
  19. Aimee Mann – Paper Boats (Lee on keyboards) 
  20. J.S. Ondara – American Dream (Taylor on acoustic guitar, Griff on drums) 
  21. J.S. Ondara – Saying Goodbye (Taylor on acoustic guitar, Griff on drums) 
  22. J.S. Ondara – Lebanon (Taylor on acoustic guitar, Griff on drums) 
  23. Better Oblivion Community Center – Sleepwalkin’ (Wylie on bass, Griff on drums) 
  24. Better Oblivion Community Center – Service Road (Wylie on bass, Griff on drums) 
  25. Better Oblivion Community Center – My City (Wylie on bass, Griff on drums) 
  26. William Tyler – Fail Safe (Griff on drums) 
  27. William Tyler – Alpine Star (Griff on drums) 
  28. Jonathan Rice – Below The Deck (Griff on drums)
  29. J.S. Ondara – Days Of Insanity (Griff on drums, Taylor on guitar)
  30. Hand Habits – what lovers do (Griff on drums)
  31. Heather Maloney – Enigma (Griff on drums)
  32. Heather Maloney – All in Your Name (Griff on drums)
  33. Heather Maloney – Oklahoma Lullaby (Griff on drums)
  34. Heather Maloney – We Were Together (Griff on drums)
  35. Heather Maloney – One Hundred Pennies (Griff on drums)
  36. Heather Maloney – In Between (Griff on drums)
  37. Heather Maloney – What I Don’t Know, Too (Griff on drums)
  38. Heather Maloney – Wild as a Birdsong (Griff on drums)
  39. J.S. Ondara – Torch Song (Echo Park) (Griff on drums)