Stories Don’t End 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Vinyl & Our New Substack

Just in the nick of time too.

And this isn’t the kind of anniversary release where it’s just the original recordings with some bonus stuff at the end. The whole album has been remixed (by our compadre Dave Cerminara) and remastered (by Adam Ayan) and it feels like it’s been given a new life. Even with new art by Ian Bush.

The bonus material includes some acoustic demos, some versions of songs recorded with Blake Mills and Shawn Everett when we were still in the discovery phase, and an outtake of Griff singing an early version of Picture Of A Man.

We’re gonna release it all digitally as well but figured we might as well wait til the new year so that any potential spins aren’t swallowed whole by Mariah Carey and her minions. So for now it’s just vinyl (read this whole post to figure out how to score it for free basically).


We’re also announcing a new Substack account! This is gonna allow us to get a little cozier, dig a little deeper, and go way back into the archives and share the histories of songs, shows and entire albums (starting with ALLLLL of the SDE material we couldn’t fit on this latest offering). It’ll be a place for a bit more intimacy, a bit less brevity and all of the intel we’ve always wanted to share but never had the right platform to.


If you subscribe to our founding-member tier on Substack, you get the SDE 10 year vinyl for FREE. YEP, a FREE VINYL RECORD! It doesn’t make a lot of business sense for us. Our managers aren’t proud of this decision. We just like the idea that it can help kick off and accompany this new Substack chapter with the most members of the Dawes family as involved as possible.

Alright, enough from me!

New Vinyl:
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