30 Mar 2021

Things Happen (Celeste Version)

Big big news. We have decided to release at least ONE thing a month for (at least) the rest of 2021. Last month it was the little Free As We Wanna Be Single EP, this month it’s Things Happen (Celeste), next month it’ll be something else. We already have it scheduled months out. Could be singles, could be a few songs, could be whole collections. We just have so many artifacts that are just sitting around from these last 12 years that we figured it’s time they started getting shared.

Click to listen to ‘Things Happen (Celeste)’

About this recording: This one must have been recorded sometime in early 2015. It’s just me singing Things Happen alone accompanying myself with a Celeste. We recorded it as a B-Side for a CD single version of TH that was only available at record stores while we were doing a run of in-stores for release week. So it’s not likely that too many of you have had the chance to hear it. Hope you enjoy it! This is just the beginning!

Artwork by the Top-5 human being Kevin Hayes from the original photo shoot he did for the All Your Favorite Bands album art.