Tour 010′

We just got back on the road. We’re traveling with two great acts: Jason Boesel, who we are backing up, and Corey Chisel and The Wandering Sons. If you haven’t heard either of them, you should pick up their albums ASAP.
All the shows have been awesome so far. We started in California, Santa Cruz. The place was packed and Dave Rawlings’ of Dave Rawlings Machine and Gillian Welch jumped up on stage with us for our last song, took a guitar solo and killed it. That guys a legend! It was really exciting to have him up there with us.
We went up the coast, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle. It’s gotten progressively colder as we’ve moved along. We had two “days off” when we left Seattle, those days were reserved for driving the twenty six hours it would take to get to Minneapolis. Within a couple of hours of leaving Seattle we hit snow. And since then the coats, gloves, and scarves have been on round the clock.

Driving through the badlands was pretty epic. Driving down what felt like a never-ending road, surrounded by fields of white snow. We drove up hills like waves, and every time we breached the top of a hill we were sure we’d see the highway or something change in scenery, and every time we rolled over the top we saw the identical landscape that we had been sinking into for five hours. It started to feel like a dream.

Minneapolis was pretty epic. Almost four hundred people were packed into the triple rock. Our friends at the University of Wisconsin in Madison hooked us up with a show at the school. It was a party.

We’ve got no more days off for a while, so we’ll be working hard for you. Come on out if we stop by your town.