New Single! Album Drops July 22

Our new album ‘Misadventures of Doomscroller’ drops July 22! Hear the first single, “Someone Else’s Cafe / Doomscroller Tries to Relax” now!

About this track – Every time a take was completed felt like a major accomplishment. It being 10 minutes really raised the stakes. Didn’t wanna be the guy to mess up in minute 7 or 8 with everyone playing flawlessly up to that point. This whole album, and this song especially, felt a little beyond our comfort zone and I’m really proud of what that’s done to the music. I like to think that you can hear the eye contact, that you can hear us thinking on their feet. It’s already become a top 5er to play live. Happy to finally have it out in the world.

What do you guys think?

Free Concert Film Stream This Weekend

Gonna announce our record and release a song this Friday. But we’re also gonna stream us playing our entire new record from East West studios and it’ll only be available from 9:30am PST Friday through Sunday at Spread the word!

Listen Now! The New Live Album Is Here

Our new live album ‘Live from the Rooftop (Los Angeles, CA 8.28.20)’ is here! Listen at

Give us all your thoughts. Tell us all your highlights.

Mexico with The Killers

We’re going on tour in Mexico April 26 – May 1 with one of the world’s greatest rock bands, The Killers. These shows will be mighty. Pretty sure they will be the biggest venues we’ve ever set foot in. Mexico – it’s been way too long… TICKETS:

New Song in Feature Film

Got asked by my good buddy Siddhartha Khosla to write this with him and then asked to sing it as a duet with my wife. Couldn’t be more proud of it. Always dreamed of having an original tune in the end credits of a film. We even got to sneak in Griff, Wylie and Lee to really take it over the top. Listen HERE.

Hope you enjoy the tune and hope you enjoy this beautiful movie, I Want You Back, out now on Prime Video.

August with The Head & The Heart

Alright, sweet people – we’re announcing a proper run with the mighty The Head and the Heart starting August 1st. Gonna be playing them big rooms with the big speakers. We’re honored that they invited us to be a part of these shows. Gonna be v v special. On Sale Now. See you there???

Update: 2nd shows added in Austin, Seattle, and San Diego! TICKETS:

Swapping Songs with Conor Oberst

From the Bullpen # 10

As far as I’m concerned, between Bright Eyes and his solo records, Conor Oberst is one of the greatest songwriters that has played the game. I remember hearing Fevers and Mirrors when I was 16 and feeling my sense of song permanently rewired. So it was a big deal for me when went on tour with Conor as the opening act as well as his band. To celebrate our worlds coming together we decided to cover one of each other’s tunes and release it as a limited 7 inch. We tried our best to make Easy/Lucky/Free sound like a Dawes song and Conor did the same thing to Million Dollar Bill. Happy to bring these recordings back to life.

CLICK HERE to Listen

Art by Ian Bush

Nothing Is Wrong Deluxe Vinyl (Limited Edition )

‘Nothing Is Wrong (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)’ out now on LP & digital!
-2 creamy white LP’s in a deluxe die-cut jacket w/ front window and gold foil
-Bonus 7” with B-sides “Strangers Getting Stranger” and “Rest Easy”
-New and enhanced album art
-Custom inner-sleeves with new liner notes by Taylor
-Includes digital download with 4 ‘NIW’ session B-sides
Listen & Order Your Copy at

Sound checks, curb sides, hotel rooms, and especially the back row of the van…that’s where all these songs got worked through and finalized. Our only clear objective was filling the holes in the live set. More than half of that first record is either very slow or very soft. Meanwhile we were becoming a rock and roll band that wanted to play loud. We wanted the songs to be bigger, faster, louder. So that’s how I tried to write. I remember putting together the outro to Fire Away and dreaming about what it would sound like on a stage. Those were the moments we were looking for. Finally, after road testing each song ad nauseam (except Little Bit of Everything – that one was written the day before it was recorded) we took them back to our trusted producer Jonathan Wilson and spent a brisk month getting them all down to tape.

The songs themselves were coming straight out of my life at the time. No one was safe. If I shared a particularly lively conversation with someone or even a more intimate encounter, it was all immediately fair game. My parameters for discretion were not quite established yet. It took me a second too long to realize how voyeuristic being a writer could be. I still needed to figure out how to add a layer or two to an emotion, how to express myself without putting all my cards on the table at every opportunity. But maybe that’s what being 25 is all about. All the rest would come later. I’m just glad it’s all there for us to reach back into on any given night. Each record has been a turning point and something of a growth spurt, but maybe none as pivotal as Nothing Is Wrong was for us. That was the moment where we could see ourselves turning from hopeful upstarts into lifers. Glad it’s still worth talking about 10 years later.

Covering The Waterboys ‘Fisherman’s Blues’

From the Bullpen #8 (Click Here to Listen)

I remember hearing The Waterboys for the first time. It was embarrassingly recent. I had the radio on, which is rare these days, and on came The Whole of the Moon. I fell in love in a way that’s harder and harder to do as I get older. It was that very special adolescent feeling of coming across something that speaks to you and for you. I immediately did a deep dive. Studied the records, even read Mike Scott’s autobiography and finally ended up playing this song in a rehearsal one day. It started with Griff’s drum part. Then I started playing the changes and everyone fell in and we’ve played it the same way ever since. This must have been sometime in 2015. Duane Betts was in the line up helping us bring this one to life each night. It’s the only cover we’ve done that felt like it was ours. Covers can sometimes just feel approximations or hat tips, which are great. This felt like we created something that belonged to us. Obviously indebted to the Waterboys masterful version. But it felt like we found something that could sit well next to any of our songs on a setlist. It often still does. Happy to be sharing the recording with you.

As happened when it was first released back in 2016, all proceeds will go to Nothing But Nets; the world’s largest grassroots campaign fighting to end malaria, a preventable disease which claims the life of a child every two minutes. Nothing But Nets brings together UN partners, advocates, celebrity champions, donors, and organizations to raise awareness, funds, and voices to protect vulnerable families from malaria. Learn more at

Listen at

Phil Lesh & Friends in Nashville

When we met Phil Lesh at a show we were all on, I figured that was as good as it could ever get. Turns out I was wrong. We are beyond honored to be playing these shows along with Nicki Bluhm & Grahame Lesh….

GRAB TICKETS HERE Without love in the dream it’ll never come true

Petty Rips mini-EP ft ‘Walls’

From the Bullpen #6 (LISTEN HERE)

Last year we were asked to contribute to Tom Petty’s 70th Birthday Bash hosted by Sirius XM. We chose to record his tune Walls from the She’s The One soundtrack. That final verse – “Some things are over / Some things go on / Part of me you carry / Part of me is gone” – had brought me to tears on several occasions after his passing in the new unintended context I was hearing it in. His songs have such an incredible ability to be about everything at once and this was always one of my favorite examples (He’s also the king of the third verse if you really look into it – Insider, Walls, Free Fallin’ etc. – I promise, it bears out). On the original recording Lindsey Buckingham does all the insane background vocal layering, so in that same spirit we invited our buddy Mike Viola to join in on it and go nuts. It’s my favorite part of the recording for sure.

We never crossed paths with Petty himself but got close with Benmont Tench over the years (he’s even playing organ on a few songs on Nothing Is Wrong) and at some point in 2017 we cut this mighty version of Mistakes We Should Have Made with Mike Campbell in the producer’s chair. We even got to cut it at his home studio where they made most of not all of Full Moon Fever…

Anyway, we thought these two songs together could be a bit of a two-part hat tip to Petty and the Heartbreakers. What they’ve given us, what they’ve meant to us and what they still mean to us could never be fully expressed. We’ll always have deepest of gratitude….

Hope you all enjoy!

Listen at

Dawes Petty Rips cover

Experience Lee’s Solo Piano

Listen at

I’m pretty sure that for a lot of people the best part of a Dawes show is when the 4 of us step into the shadows to let Lee Pardini do whatever the fuck he wants while leading us from one song to another. If anyone can ever see my face in those moments, I’m usually sharing a dumbfounded, jaw dropped smile with one of the other guys as we all marvel at his excellence.

For this next From The Bullpen release (officially #5 if we retroactively start our counting with that Feed The Fire single package), Lee has recorded Didn’t Fix Me and Me Especially as solo piano pieces. It’s an experience not unlike having only the strawberry Starburst while not having to bother with any of the lesser flavors. Just an unadulterated, one on one reckoning between you and the forever Dawes MVP.

When you have material this good it makes it easy. Re-interpreting songs I love has always been something I’ve done, but I’ve never had the privilege of being in the band who’s songs I’d be re-working.

Dawes is a special band in regards to how we approach songs night after night. No show is the same, no song has ever been played the same way twice. Although on the surface the style of these solo piano versions may be different, the spirit remains the same- be present in the moment, and be open to all possibilities. I changed a key, added a chord, extended a rhythm, with the intention of exploring all that these songs have to offer. The way I see it, jazz and rock n roll are completely related, even inextricably tied together. They both contain elements of danger and fearlessness. At their best, they’re both reckless and thoughtful, more heart than brain.

Performed, produced, and engineered by Lee Pardini at Pardeffernan Studios.
Mixed by Dave Cerminara
Mastered by Paul Blakemore
Artwork by Ian Bush
Songs by Taylor Goldsmith

Dawes Fall Tour 2021

To our beloved audience, it is with excitement and delightment, that we are prepared to announce our first tour dates in for F#[email protected] ever! It’s time to hang up our Zooms and get back in some non chat style rooms. We’ll be joined by Erin Rae! ON SALE NOW RIGHT HERE (check out the VIP option where available)

May 1st LIVE from the Roxy

We’re gonna do another live stream. Last time we filmed it a few days before (but didn’t edit anything so it was still very much live) to make sure we didn’t get screwed by some faulty internet cable or a camera guy panning to me during a Trevor solo or something like that…but this time we’re gonna throw caution to the wind and stream it completely live. Missed chord? Forgotten lyric? Tough shit. That’s what this business is all about. What you’ll be seeing will be what’s happening in real time. All killer, no filter.

It’s gonna be at The Roxy here in Los Angeles. One of the first stages we ever played on as kids. May 1st. Reserve your spot now at

Things Happen (Celeste Version)

Big big news. We have decided to release at least ONE thing a month for (at least) the rest of 2021. Last month it was the little Free As We Wanna Be Single EP, this month it’s Things Happen (Celeste), next month it’ll be something else. We already have it scheduled months out. Could be singles, could be a few songs, could be whole collections. We just have so many artifacts that are just sitting around from these last 12 years that we figured it’s time they started getting shared.

Click to listen to ‘Things Happen (Celeste)’

About this recording: This one must have been recorded sometime in early 2015. It’s just me singing Things Happen alone accompanying myself with a Celeste. We recorded it as a B-Side for a CD single version of TH that was only available at record stores while we were doing a run of in-stores for release week. So it’s not likely that too many of you have had the chance to hear it. Hope you enjoy it! This is just the beginning!

Artwork by the Top-5 human being Kevin Hayes from the original photo shoot he did for the All Your Favorite Bands album art.

We Have A Podcast!

When we talk to each other about our band, or just music as a whole, I feel like there is an added depth and level of comfort than there is when we’re talking to someone outside the band (nothing against interviews…I just think that’s the nature of conversations between people who know each other intimately). And yet, I don’t think we’ve ever brought anyone else into those conversations. So I sat down with each member of the band individually over the last several months and had a conversation. This first one is with Griff. We recorded it months before GLWW came out. The album barely comes up but we ended up finding several enjoyable threads to follow. Hope you dig it too…
(Like this podcast image, designed by Michael Carney? It’s available on a t-shirt RIGHT HERE)