Experience Lee’s Solo Piano

Listen at https://found.ee/DawesSketches

I’m pretty sure that for a lot of people the best part of a Dawes show is when the 4 of us step into the shadows to let Lee Pardini do whatever the fuck he wants while leading us from one song to another. If anyone can ever see my face in those moments, I’m usually sharing a dumbfounded, jaw dropped smile with one of the other guys as we all marvel at his excellence.

For this next From The Bullpen release (officially #5 if we retroactively start our counting with that Feed The Fire single package), Lee has recorded Didn’t Fix Me and Me Especially as solo piano pieces. It’s an experience not unlike having only the strawberry Starburst while not having to bother with any of the lesser flavors. Just an unadulterated, one on one reckoning between you and the forever Dawes MVP.

When you have material this good it makes it easy. Re-interpreting songs I love has always been something I’ve done, but I’ve never had the privilege of being in the band who’s songs I’d be re-working.

Dawes is a special band in regards to how we approach songs night after night. No show is the same, no song has ever been played the same way twice. Although on the surface the style of these solo piano versions may be different, the spirit remains the same- be present in the moment, and be open to all possibilities. I changed a key, added a chord, extended a rhythm, with the intention of exploring all that these songs have to offer. The way I see it, jazz and rock n roll are completely related, even inextricably tied together. They both contain elements of danger and fearlessness. At their best, they’re both reckless and thoughtful, more heart than brain.

Performed, produced, and engineered by Lee Pardini at Pardeffernan Studios.
Mixed by Dave Cerminara
Mastered by Paul Blakemore
Artwork by Ian Bush
Songs by Taylor Goldsmith