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  • Dawes & Lucius Tag Team Tour

    Dawes & Lucius Tag Team Tour

    JUST ANNOUNCED! The Tag Team Tour: An Evening with Dawes & Lucius. Catch us on the road this spring, performing a collection of our songs as one band! 3/9 Charleston, SC – Charleston Music Hall3/10 Pelham, TN – The Caverns3/12 Tuscaloosa, AL – Druid City Music Hall3/15 Roswell, NM – The Liberty3/16 Fort Collins, CO…

  • The Live Album is Here

    The Live Album is Here

    HAPPY RELEASE DAY You can finally listen to our live album anywhere you stream music! Find it in our Misadventures of Doomscroller Deluxe Edition. It was a marathon to get through all this material and committing to completely live takes all in one night in the studio. But it lent the performances a sense of…

  • Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Thanks again to Jimmy Kimmel Live for having us and giving me an excuse to keep writing this song. Hope you all enjoyed it.

  • Watch! Livestream in November

    Watch! Livestream in November

    Dawes + Bahamas – Broadcasting from the Englert Theatre in Iowa City on November 15 “I thought I was going into this thing with a future nemesis. But I came out of it with a true friend. Between his good looks, his great tunes and his high regard for self care I was prepared to…

  • 2023 Tour Dates Are Here!

    2023 Tour Dates Are Here!

    Happy to be announcing the Misadventures of Doomscroller headlining tour. We’re back to the Evening With format. 2 sets. Just us. Long nights. Full hearts. Buy tickets. Come early. We’ll all have to break out the catalogue master lists and bingo cards as we try to get to every song we’ve got. On Sale Friday!…

  • Setting TV Records This Saturday

    Setting TV Records This Saturday

    We got a Guinness Book performance coming out this Saturday for CBS Saturday Sessions. It’s the longest song that’s ever appeared in a TV performance. Really grateful that they let us perform our song in all its glory.

  • Free Concert Film Stream

    Free Concert Film Stream

    Gonna announce our record and release a song this Friday. But we’re also gonna stream us playing our entire new record from East West studios and it’ll only be available from 9:30am PST Friday through Sunday at https://found.ee/DawesConcertFilm. Spread the word!

  • The New Live Album Is Here

    The New Live Album Is Here

    Our new live album ‘Live from the Rooftop (Los Angeles, CA 8.28.20)’ is here! Listen at https://found.ee/DawesRooftopLive Give us all your thoughts. Tell us all your highlights.

  • August with The Head & The Heart

    August with The Head & The Heart

    Alright, sweet people – we’re announcing a proper run with the mighty The Head and the Heart starting August 1st. Gonna be playing them big rooms with the big speakers. We’re honored that they invited us to be a part of these shows. Gonna be v v special. On Sale Now. See you there??? Update:…

  • Dawes Fall Tour 2021

    Dawes Fall Tour 2021

    To our beloved audience, it is with excitement and delightment, that we are prepared to announce our first tour dates in for F#$@ing ever! It’s time to hang up our Zooms and get back in some non chat style rooms. We’ll be joined by Erin Rae! ON SALE NOW RIGHT HERE (check out the VIP…

  • May 1st LIVE from the Roxy

    May 1st LIVE from the Roxy

    We’re gonna do another live stream. Last time we filmed it a few days before (but didn’t edit anything so it was still very much live) to make sure we didn’t get screwed by some faulty internet cable or a camera guy panning to me during a Trevor solo or something like that…but this time…

  • Catch ‘Free As We Wanna Be’ Acoustic + Live

    Catch ‘Free As We Wanna Be’ Acoustic + Live

    Today we’re releasing Free As We Wanna Be as a single along with an acoustic version and a live version LISTEN HERE Single version: Since this baby already clocks in at 3 minutes, you’ll be hard pressed to find any differences between it and the album cut. But I implore you to give it a…