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  • Dawes & Lucius Tag Team Tour

    Dawes & Lucius Tag Team Tour

    JUST ANNOUNCED! The Tag Team Tour: An Evening with Dawes & Lucius. Catch us on the road this spring, performing a collection of our songs as one band! 3/9 Charleston, SC – Charleston Music Hall3/10 Pelham, TN – The Caverns3/12 Tuscaloosa, AL – Druid City Music Hall3/15 Roswell, NM – The Liberty3/16 Fort Collins, CO…

  • Get Dawes Sheet Music

    Get Dawes Sheet Music

    First Dawes songs as sheet music, “All Your Favorite Bands” + “Little Bit Of Everything” Let us know if you learn these so we can hear you. Grab sheet music RIGHT HERE.

  • Wylie’s Next Chapter

    Wylie’s Next Chapter

    So I have some really tough news. After these two runs in March and April, my main man Wylie Gelber is going to be leaving the Dawes lineup. Some of you may have noticed him building basses, guitars and pedal boards for the band through the years. Well this kind of handiwork of his goes…

  • The Live Album is Here

    The Live Album is Here

    HAPPY RELEASE DAY You can finally listen to our live album anywhere you stream music! Find it in our Misadventures of Doomscroller Deluxe Edition. It was a marathon to get through all this material and committing to completely live takes all in one night in the studio. But it lent the performances a sense of…

  • Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Watch: Jimmy Kimmel Live

    Thanks again to Jimmy Kimmel Live for having us and giving me an excuse to keep writing this song. Hope you all enjoyed it.

  • New Song: Interest of Time

    New Song: Interest of Time

    Today is the 10th anniversary of Sandy Hook. This song, ‘The Interest of Time’, is about the impossible thought process a parent goes through some version of in the aftermath of such an unthinkable atrocity. I wrote this and sang this before either of my sons were born but I don’t think I’m gonna sing…

  • Watch! Livestream in November

    Watch! Livestream in November

    Dawes + Bahamas – Broadcasting from the Englert Theatre in Iowa City on November 15 “I thought I was going into this thing with a future nemesis. But I came out of it with a true friend. Between his good looks, his great tunes and his high regard for self care I was prepared to…

  • 2023 Tour Dates Are Here!

    2023 Tour Dates Are Here!

    Happy to be announcing the Misadventures of Doomscroller headlining tour. We’re back to the Evening With format. 2 sets. Just us. Long nights. Full hearts. Buy tickets. Come early. We’ll all have to break out the catalogue master lists and bingo cards as we try to get to every song we’ve got. On Sale Friday!…

  • New Studio Album Available Now

    New Studio Album Available Now

    Our new album ‘Misadventures of Doomscroller’ is here! Listen Now! About Someone Else’s Cafe / Doomscroller Tries to Relax – Every time a take was completed felt like a major accomplishment. It being 10 minutes really raised the stakes. Didn’t wanna be the guy to mess up in minute 7 or 8 with everyone playing…

  • Setting TV Records This Saturday

    Setting TV Records This Saturday

    We got a Guinness Book performance coming out this Saturday for CBS Saturday Sessions. It’s the longest song that’s ever appeared in a TV performance. Really grateful that they let us perform our song in all its glory.

  • Free Concert Film Stream

    Free Concert Film Stream

    Gonna announce our record and release a song this Friday. But we’re also gonna stream us playing our entire new record from East West studios and it’ll only be available from 9:30am PST Friday through Sunday at https://found.ee/DawesConcertFilm. Spread the word!

  • The New Live Album Is Here

    The New Live Album Is Here

    Our new live album ‘Live from the Rooftop (Los Angeles, CA 8.28.20)’ is here! Listen at https://found.ee/DawesRooftopLive Give us all your thoughts. Tell us all your highlights.

  • Swapping Songs with Conor Oberst

    Swapping Songs with Conor Oberst

    From the Bullpen # 10 As far as I’m concerned, between Bright Eyes and his solo records, Conor Oberst is one of the greatest songwriters that has played the game. I remember hearing Fevers and Mirrors when I was 16 and feeling my sense of song permanently rewired. So it was a big deal for…

  • We Have A Podcast!

    We Have A Podcast!

    When we talk to each other about our band, or just music as a whole, I feel like there is an added depth and level of comfort than there is when we’re talking to someone outside the band (nothing against interviews…I just think that’s the nature of conversations between people who know each other intimately).…

  • Watch! Dawes on Stephen Colbert

    Watch! Dawes on Stephen Colbert

    Happy we got to play this one for the Late Show with Stephen Colbert! #playathome